Curaprox Smart Brush


Enjoy brushing your teeth with the latest technology and ultra-soft bristles. 

Take brushing your teeth to the next level with the Curaprox Smart Brush. Reach everywhere with the compact head and Octogonal handle. Clean without damaging your gumline thanks to ultra-soft bristles and remove up to 10 times more plaque.

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7,600 Curen® filaments
Colors may vary

Gentle - thanks to Curen® filaments of 0.08 millimeters
Clean the gum line without damaging
Efficient cleaning surface - thanks to a dense array of Curen® filaments
Reaches everywhere: compact head, slightly angled
Octogonal handle helps users to brush at the correct angle of 45 ̊
Ultra soft – the Softer, the Better, non traumatic
Up to 10 times more – remove plaque more efficiently
Do not absorb water – maintain their firmness for an optimal use

Directions for use:
1. Position brush at an angle, half on the gums and half on the teeth.
2. Clean in short circular movements, ideally without pressure.


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