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April is Oral Health Month! Our favourite part of it is National Dental Hygienist’s Week. Every year, we try to positively impact our community by providing oral health education sessions in classrooms, colouring contest draw, distributing oral hygiene packs to those in need, and participating in Gift from the Heart (https://www.giftfromtheheart.ca/).

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What is Gift from the Heart?

“Gift from the Heart (GFTH) is a national charity who has provided vulnerable Canadians who encounter barriers with no cost essential oral health care services”. My goal at the office is to do 2 days of this per year. As a dental health care providers, it breaks our hearts that some people are unable to access dental hygiene services whether for fear or financial reasons.

We are here for you! Always, always, reach out to us, so that we can find a way to support you. Sometimes it is getting you connected with a government-funded program (https://www.alberta.ca/income-support.aspx) or something different, but if you do not ask, then we can not try to help.  

What Else is To The Root Dental Hygiene Doing For Oral Health Month?

    During oral health month the Canadian Dental Hygienist’s Association (www.cdha.ca) also hosts a colouring contest, and they do their campaign to find the Dental Hygiene Superhero (https://www.dentalhygienecanada.ca/DHCanada/News/DHCanada/News/Dental_Hygiene_Healthcare_Superhero_Competition.aspx).

    They also have a national ad campaign to promote the dental hygiene profession! This campaign had video ads and billboards across Canada. Associations are critical and spreading information on the dental hygiene profession. Registered Dental Hygienists across Canada utilize their services and support.

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    What are my top tips for oral health?

    1.       Figure out what your barriers to performing oral care are. For example, you don’t floss as often as you should; my question to you is why? Do you not like string, you forget, or maybe you don’t like putting fingers in your mouth; the thing is that everyone is different, so discovering the issue allows the opportunity to address it.

    2.       Find the area that you want to improve and set a reasonable goal to strive for. For example, if you floss once a week, then shoot for twice! Set reminders, place sticky notes, or make it more convenient to achieve them!

    3.       Celebrate the small wins. Your routine may not be perfect, but habits can change, so when you meet that goal give yourself a high five and set a new one!

    There is no better way to celebrate then booking in for a dental hygiene appointment with us; no healthy routine is complete without regular visits to the Dental Hygienist! 

    All the best, Meg RDH.

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