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Taking on the World, One Smile At A Time

Why an independent dental practice? I chose an independent practice to be able to practice how I felt I could make the most impact with clients. If you want a more one-on-one experience where you have the same hygienist every time with a focus on the prevention of oral diseases then I am your Registered Dental Hygienist. 

To The Root

I always knew I wanted to work independently. In my dental hygiene program at VIU, we were taught about the different areas a hygienist could work in. In 2017, my dad wasn’t well. I wasn’t able to get him to get his teeth cleaned prior to his passing even though he really wanted it done. I was back and forth between Vancouver Island and Grande Prairie, so it was difficult with all his other medical appointments and my job in a different province.

I decided then that I couldn’t be the only person who wasn’t able to do that, and my journey began in building my dental hygiene practice in Grande Prairie in April 2018. Fast forward to Feb 2019 I opened my mobile service, and then in November 2019, my storefront clinic located in Grande Prairie was ready to go. Sometimes the universe puts everything in place for you, and you just have to follow through.

What Does This Mean For Clients?

I try to create a healthy dental hygiene foundation with each person, so they want to come back and look forward to it. I am flexible with time and needs. Each person is treated as they need or request.

Meet The Team

Grande Prairie Dental Hygiene

Meg Kreutziger

Registered Dental Hygienist With 10 Years In Dentistry

 3 Year Dental Hygiene Diploma from Vancouver Island University.

 Main Focus: mentorship and support for colleagues. Individualized client care and community involvement.

 Goal: Getting the TTRDH ship sailing! Nitrous certificate in the future. Improving the client experience.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Kylie Maynard

Registered Dental Hygienist With 9 Years In Dentistry

3-year Diploma from Algonquin College

Main Focus: Offer a warm comforting experience for clients of all ages!
Goal: Proficiency with Orofacial Myology!

Corporate Values

We want to provide care in a way that we feel good about at the end of the day and for our clients to have access to care that they feel comfortable with.

Our Values As A Provider


Clients should feel heard, and have their needs are met.

No Rubber Stamp Appointments

Unique treatment and consideration for individuals

Reduction of Barriers

Access to care, information, and support

Our Values As A Professional


Hygienists are empowered to practice with their full scope


Increase public awareness of the scope of practice for hygienists and options for their services


Oral health promotion and prevention of oral diseases

Inclusion and Diversity at To The Root Dental Hygiene

We wholeheartedly embrace diversity at To The Root Dental Hygiene, cultivating a culture where everyone can bring their authentic selves to their dental hygiene journey.

Our commitment extends from fostering an inclusive workplace to implementing diversity initiatives, creating an equitable space for preventive dental care. Our mission goes beyond treatments, ensuring each person feels valued, respected, and supported.

Join us in caring for smiles that reflect the diversity of our community.

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