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Making Dental Care Accessible For Everyone In The Grande Prairie Area

Maintaining a beautiful smile shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why our fees are less than the Alberta Fee Guide. We also offer direct billing to your dental insurance provider.

We are an independent dental hygiene practice that offers an alternative to traditional dentistry. It is our belief that preventative dental care should be accessible to everyone. To The Root Dental Hygiene offers affordable dental hygiene solutions, even those without coverage can maintain their  proper oral health.

What Is An Independent Hygiene Practice?

At To The Root Dental Hygiene our focus is on oral health education and prevention of oral diseases. We provide dental hygiene care, and refer patients requiring restorative work to their dentist of choice.

Why Choose an Independent Dental Hygiene Practice? 

As a consumer, you have the choice of where and who provides your care. We provide individualized dental hygiene care plans that maintain your values.

We form relationships with our clients. By working with the same clinician with consistent appointments, we can easily detect changes in your dental health, and provide personalized care.

Do I Still Need A Dentist?


It is optimal to have your dental hygiene care met at this clinic and see your dentist for the restorative work at their office.

Dental Hygienists in Alberta are not required to be supervised by a dentist; they have the broadest scope of practice in Canada. For a history of the profession in AB, please go to the CRDHA website.

Calling All Parents! 

To The Root Dental Hygiene is proud to introduce the Tooth Fairy Program! Sign up for our program and receive monthly content and videos with information on how to care for your baby’s teeth. From first teeth to lifelong care, we’ve got you covered.

New Parent Dental Care


To The Root Dental offers dental hygiene care at our beautiful facility or at a location that works for you with our mobile setup.

Mobile Services

We offer mobile services to serve you better. From care facilities to rural locations, we bring dental hygiene care to you.

Grande Prairie Teeth Cleaning

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

We provide assessments, education, cleanings, and preventative care. View our full service offering.

Dental Hygiene Treatment

Remove that pesky plaque and calculus with a routine cleaning.

Preventative Care

Preventative Care

We are proud to offer a variety of preventative treatments to maintain you healthy smile.

Preventative Care

Oral Health Services

Learn about treatment options and Meg’s formal credentials. 

Meet Meg

Registered Dental Hygienist & Owner

I was raised on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver Island and graduated with a 3-year Dental Hygiene Diploma that includes a local anesthetic certification from Vancouver Island University in 2013. Immediately after completing my education, I relocated to Grande Prairie.

I am working towards a Bachelor of Health Science through Thompson Rivers University. I am passionate about being an active member in the community, advocacy, and the future of dental hygiene. In the past, I have participated in volunteering dental hygiene services at different clinics in Grande Prairie as well as in India.

Dental Hygiene Grande Prairie

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Featured Blog Posts

To The Root is passionate about dental hygiene education, and providing Grande Prairie with resources to keep your smile happy and healthy.

The Compound Effect of Good Oral Hygiene Habits

The Compound Effect of Good Oral Hygiene Habits

The compound effect of good oral hygiene habits. A healthy smile awaits… Have you ever wondered what is the key to oral health or why you have chronic oral health conditions like gum disease and cavities? Brace yourself, because we are about to unveil some information...

Understanding the Mysteries of Dental Benefits

Understanding the Mysteries of Dental Benefits

Understanding the Mysteries of Dental Benefits   All the things you want to know, and then maybe some extras you didn’t know you needed. I will be speaking to you candidly and in a generalized manner because everything is unique to each person/situation, but I’m...

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Oral Health

Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Oral Health

World Alzheimer month is every September, and this is a good time to reflect on the relationship between it and gum disease. Here’s a very basic description of what’s going on: What we know is that “bad” bacteria found in the mouths of those with periodontal (gum)...

Oral Cancer – What You Need To Know

Oral Cancer – What You Need To Know

Oral cancer is a significant health concern that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by an abnormal growth of cells that can occur in the mouth, lips, tongue, and/or throat. It has the potential to be life-threatening if not detected early enough. Prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment are essential to reduce its impact on your life.

Oral Health Month

Oral Health Month

April is Oral Health Month! Our favourite part of it is National Dental Hygienist’s Week. Every year, we try to positively impact our community by providing oral health education sessions in classrooms, colouring contest draw, distributing oral hygiene packs to those in need, and participating in Gift from the Heart.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Since opening my practice in 2019, Teeth Whitening or Bleaching is one of the main questions I get asked about. More so, than when I worked in a traditional dental setting. As a provider, I felt like I did not want to recommend it because I had heard such terrible stories of post operative sensitivity from clients before. Jump to January 2021, and I began to investigate different products and more courses on teeth whitening, so I felt like I had enough information to provide people with, so they can make their own decisions on if they want to try teeth whitening. If you are considering a tooth whitening treatment, then I strongly suggest talking to a dental provider because they will advise you based on the conditions in your mouth, but in case you want a little more information, then I’ve put together some answers to some questions that I get asked.

The Polish

The Polish

I had a fellow dental hygienist ask me to write on this topic. One of the main purposes of polishing is to remove extrinsic/external stain.

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